The present Tenkasi district was a part of erstwhile Tirunelveli district. Tenkasi district was formed in 2019 as per G.O. No 427 dated 12.11.2019.Tenkasi shares its boundaries with Virudhunagar in the North, Thoothukudi in the East, Tirunelveli in the South and Kerala in the West. The district is nourished by two major rivers namely Chittar and Anumanadhi, because of which agriculture flourishes in this area. More than 65% of the population is engaged in agriculture and related activities. Water sources such as Gundar, Adavinayinar, Karupanadhi and Ramanadhi dam along with more than 800 tanks succour irrigation.Read More

Thiru. A.K. Kamal Kishore I.A.S., District Collector

District At a Glance

General :

District : Tenkasi
Head Quarters : Tenkasi
State : Tamil Nadu

Area :

Total : 2882.43 Sq.Kms
Rural : 2265.22 Sq.Kms
Urban : 177.22 Sq.Kms 
Forest : 439.99 Sq.Kms

Population :  As of Census-2011 (Combined Tirunelveli and Tenkasi Districts)

Total : 33,22,644
Male : 16,42,403
Female : 16,80,241