Courtallam is a panchayat town situated in Tenkasi District at a mean elevation of 160m (520 ft) on the Western Ghats in the Tamil Nadu, India. Courtallam Falls is on Chittar River is a major tourist attraction due to the consistent availability of water in falls.

Main Falls

Courtallam, which is pronounced as ‘Kuttraalam’, had a population of 2,368. It is often referred to as “Spa of South” & “Poor man’s paradise”. The best time to visit is mid- June to September and October-January. Kuttralam is also mentioned in many classical tamil literary works. Obviously, tourist come here is to take bath special arrangements are available at all the falls for safe bathing with separate queue for women and men. There are numerous hotels in the town, being a tourist spot. The cuisine is traditionally South Indian with limited options for others. There are resorts, hotels, lodges available both in Tenkasi and Kuttralam. They have differential rates during the peak season.

The individual waterfalls of Courtallam are Main Falls, Old Falls, Five Falls, Shenbagadevi Falls, Honey Falls, Tiger Falls, Small Falls, Fruit Garden Falls and Palaruvi Falls or Milk Falls (which was across the state border in Kerala).

Main Falls

Main Falls is very near to bus stand and is the major falls which is almost 50 metres wide and the falls from a height of almost 100 metres is a spectacular sight to watch. The Falls is near Courtallanathar temple and is having a good parking area. The places are maintained by Courtallam Town Panchayat and is nestled with Banana Chips shops and tea shops which is a favourite for tourists who come here to take both. Also the Falls is opened 24 hours during peak season.

Five Falls

Five Falls

As the name suggests five falls during normal season the water gets divided into Five Falls and is clearly visible of the Falls splitting into five parts.

Now five falls is around 4 km away from the main falls and is nestled deep in the western ghat mountain. Road connectivity is good and a very good parking area is also available. The five falls is adjacent to the Courtallam Eco Park which is maintained by the Horticulture department and so almost all Tourist who visit Courtallam main falls comes here.


Pazhathotta Aruvi

Pazhathotta Aruvi is popularly known as the ‘VIP Falls’ as only politicians and bureaucrats were allowed to bathe in their waters. Others need to seek permission from the concerned authorities for bathing at the Pazhathotta Aruvi. As the cascade descends down from the fruit orchards, it is also known as the ‘Fruit Garden Falls’ or even ‘Orchard Falls’. Pazhathotta Aruvi flows from the Aintharuvi Falls above. Pazhathotta Aruvi is set amidst deep green forest range. Pazhathotta Aruvi is located at about 5 Kms from Courtallam Bus Stand. Now the falls has come under forest department and is closed for the general public now. Due to this now dense jungle growth has covered the path also occasionally leopard are being sited and is not safe for general public.

chitraruvi Falls


After a legal battle the Forest Department got the rights to operate the falls and it was opened to the public from July-19 2019 by charging Rs.6 per person. The falls will remain open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. The falls is near to main falls and is inside forest area…parking facilities are not available. So its better tourist go by walk. Only few can take bath at a given moment. These falls are preferred by children …because its small and is safe for them.

Honey Falls

Honey Falls

Honey falls is 1000 feet above mean sea level. It is high above Shenbagadevi falls. It is deep inside forest. It is not easily accessible. Only experienced trekkers can reach this spot. The way near honey falls are filled with honey comb and so the name. The falls is a small one. Permission to tourist has been stopped due to safety reasons


Shenbagadevi Falls

Shenbagadevi Aruvi is situated 600 feet above mean sea level. Visitors have to trek on the hilly terrain to reach the falls. Added attraction here is the Temple of Goddess Shenbagadevi.

Now the falls comes under forest area. Permission is denied to commo public because of the place coming under KMTR as well as safety reasons. The fall is 2Kms away from the main falls.

Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls

It is on the way to old Courtallam. It is around 1 km away from main falls. This is a artificial created falls where they are mostly preferred by children. It is also a very safe place to take bath but only at peak season water availability is there.

old courtallam

Old Falls

The Old falls is around 8 km from main Falls Courtallam. The way to the falls is very beautiful with forested mountains and green blossoming rice fields to the right and Coconut trees, Mango trees to the left. Two separate children pool is in front of the water falls.

The falls comes under forest department. Since it comes under forest department the flow of tourists is restricted. The water flowing through this falls is also regulated by forest, PWD department. Ample parking Area is there and the falls area is buzzled with banana, tea, snacks shops.