Adi Dravidar & Tribal Welfare


According to 2011 Census out of the total population of 27,23,988 in Tirunelveli & Tenkasi combined Districts, the Adi Dravidars is only 4,81,052 and that of Tribal is 8,358. which is much lower, compared Tamil Nadu, About 70% of the Adi Dravidars and 85% of the Tribals are living in the rural areas. In the whole country, Tamil Nadu stands in the 4th place among the States having the highest percentage of Adi Dravidars population. The majority of the Adi Dravidars / Tribal population are economically backward and socially marginalised. Most of the families lack resources and their access to education, employment and other income-earning opportunities are limited.

The Directorate of Adi Dravidar Welfare, with the support of Government of India and the State Government implement various welfare schemes for the benefit of Adi Dravidars. Whereas the Directorate of Tribal Welfare is looking after the schemes to be implemented for the benefit of Tribal people in the State.

Adi Dravidar & Tribal Welfare
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