Arulmigu Kasiviswanather Temple – Tenkasi

The holy temple was constructed by the great King jadilavarman Arikesari parakarama Pandiaal by 1445 A . D. The Kilng had a dream the and in the dream Lord Shiva. Wishe the King to built a temple for him on the Dhakshin Kashi on the holy river bank of Chitra Ganga (Chittaru). Surrouonded by ponds. Hills . mountains and pothigai saral – Tenkasi Nagar. The Temple build in 1463 had 9 stories with cultural art and architecture.. Due to the fire accident the temple Rajagopuram was damaged wholly. And the New Rajagopuram with 9 stories was finished by 1990.

Important Cultural Festivals

  • Aavani Moolam – Theppa Festival
  • Iypasi Thirukalyana Festival
  • Maasi Maha Festival

Arulmigu Thiru courtrala Nathasamy Temple

The Present Thirukkutralanathar Temple was designed by the Great King Raja Rajan. The first Prakara wall (Precincts) was built by him. Historians State that the shrine of Lord Perumal was situated left to that of the presiding deity. During the period of the Pandiya kings, the sanctum sactorum, Arthamandapam, Mahamandapa, Separate shrine for Goddess Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman and Pillayan Kattalai Mandapam were built.Parasakthi temple was built during the rule of the Nayakka kings. The Compound wall for the Kutralanathar temple, Sanguveethi were also constructed then. New shrines in the inner prakaras were built. Sage Agasthiar, the devotee of Lord shiva should have removed the statue of Lord Perumal which was kept to the left of the shrine of Kutralanathar during the Nayakkar period. Lord Perumal’s shrine is now used as the store house.Chokkampatti kings built Thirikooda Mandapa, Pasupirai, Thatodi, Vaithiyappavilasam and the Corridor for Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman. Stone laying work in the Sanguveethi and Vasantha veethi were also completed.The people of the town did renovation work for Kuzhalvoimozhi Amman temple in 1925


Chithrai Vishu Thirunal, Aippasi Vishu Thirunal, Margazhi Thiruvathirai Thirunal and Theppa Thirunal are Special Festivals of the temple.