1.Article 275 (1) of the Constitution of India

According to the Act, infrastructure works such as Foot Over Bridges, Link Roads, Electrical Connection, Check Dams and Screening of Sickle Cell Anaemia are being carried out in the tribal areas.

2. Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs)

Under this Scheme provides Construction of traditional houses, milch animals, Fishing nets, Two-wheelers, Drinking water facilities and street lights to the Paliyar and Katunayakkan tribes living below the poverty line.

3.Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Plan

Under this scheme provides Dairy Cows to the tribal groups living below the poverty line. Dairy cows are provided to groups who have pledged to supply milk only to the Tamil Nadu Milk Producers Co-operative Society.

4.Comprehensive Tribal Development Programme (CTDP)

Under this Scheme provides Land development activities, Improvement of Roof houses, Road work, Improvement of infrastructure in GTR schools, Drinking water, Economic development Schemes and training skills to the Tribal people living below poverty line.

5.Schools and Hostels

Government Tribal Residential Schools are given for tribal students.

6.Provision of Drinking water facility

Under this Scheme provides Bore wells, open wells, Drip irrigation, Sprinkler, pipe linings, oil engine, Electrical motors and Solar power Water pump to the tribal people living below the poverty line.

7.Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006.

Through the scheme, Individual Rights on land up to a maximum of 10 acre to tribal who have been residing in the forests prior to 13.12.2005 and the non tribes who have been residing in the forests for 3 generations i.e. for 75 years as on 13.12.2005. Villages in the forests are also provided with community rights including a various of rights.

8.Industrial Training Institutes

Through the Scheme, Industrial Training Institutes exclusively for the Scheduled tribes are functioning in Karumanthurai – Salem District, Kolli Hills – Namakkal District, Jamunamarathur – Thiruvannamalai District, Anaikatti – Coimbatore District, Gudalur – Nilgiris District and Sankarapuram – Villupuram District to the Tribal peoples.

9.Development of Horticulture

Under this scheme provides Tree saplings, seeds and fertilizer to tribal people who own one acre of land.

10.Sericulture Scheme

Under this scheme, full subsidy is given to the tribal people who own half (1/2) acre of land for raising of Mulberry plantation and Rearing Silk worms.

11.Provision of Minor Irrigation

The Scheme will be construct of Check dams, Sprinklings etc. for Irrigation facilities in areas inhabited by more than 50 per cent of the tribal population.

12.Animal Husbandry

Under this scheme provides full subsidy to the tribal peoples for the purchase and rearing of Goats, Milch animals, Health cover to the animals and artificial insemination etc.

13.Development of Agricultural lands

Through this Scheme, Development of Agricultural lands held by Tribal in hilly and sloppy areas by providing Soil Conservation measures free of cost to the tribal people.

14.Supply of Beehives

Under this scheme 10 Beehives are provided free of cost to the tribal people living in hilly and wild areas to increase their income through beekeeping.

15.Afforestation Programmes

The scheme provides incentives to the tribes in forest areas to increase the forest resources and to maintain the plants.

16.LAMP Societies.

This scheme to tribal peoples provides interest free loans, through Multipurpose Co-operative Societies (LAMPS), sale of produce at good prices, supply of essential commodities such as rice, salt and kerosene at reasonable prices, distribution of inputs for agriculture at reasonable prices and loans for economic projects.

17.Street Lights

Through this Scheme, street lights will be provided to tribal habitations that do not have street lights.

18.Formation of Link Road

Through this Scheme provides tribal village without road facilities are connected to the main village or plain.

19.Free houses

Through this Scheme, Construction of free houses for tribal who are having free house site patta.

20.Vocational Guidance

Under this scheme, a Vocational Guidance Centre is functioning at Udhagamandalam for guidance of tribal youths for employment purposes.

21.Employment Opportunities

Through this Scheme, job placement training are provided to Educated Tribal Youth for unemployed tribal youth through the district employment centres.

22.Providing training for women development

Through this Scheme, tribal women are given training in tailoring, bamboo basket knitting, etc.

23.Special Area Development Programme (SADP)

In order to provide special attention to Hill Areas of Tamil Nadu, the Government in the Budget 2015-16 announced a new programme called “Special Area Development Programme” with an outlay of Rs.75 Crores. The project will improve the livelihood of the tribal people, Establish livelihoods in the villages for the tribal people, provide safe drinking water facilities for the hill tribes and provide additional buildings to the GTR Schools, Community halls, Computers, Driving licences, Footpath etc.