National Child Labour Project (NCLP)

National Child Labour Project is a Project run specially for child Labour by Ministry of Labour, Government of India. In India, the project covers 271 Districts. In Tamilnadu, 15 Districts were operating the Project. National Child Labour Project was introduced in Tirunelveli District from December 1999. Special Schools were started from 01.03.00. 50 Schools were opened for a total strength of 2,500 Children. Special Schools are entrusted to NGOs and the expenditure is being reimbursed every month. No advance is paid to NGOs. First phase of the programme was completed by 31.05.03 and schools were relocated where concentration of child labour is more. On the basis of survey conducted by SSA, NGO, SHG’s and NCLP staff, every year, relocation is being done. Identified child labourers were admitted in Special Schools after due motivation, they were mainstreamed within two years. The adolescence groups of children were given life skill training along with vocational training. 5586 children were mainstreamed. 5514 children have been completed life skill training along with Vocational Training and used for their life. Nearly 600 children purchased sewing machine with the help of the stipend given to them.


During the year 1995, Government Survey has been conducted especially for child labourers and 63,316 child labourers were identified. On the basis of the survey National Child Labour Project was introduced in Tirunelveli District during December 1999. The following Survey has been done in Tirunelveli and Tenkasi (combined) Districts to identify child labourers.

Details of Child Labourers
Year Number of child labourers
1995 63,316 (Arivoli Volunteers)
2003 4,453 (Anganwadi Workers)
2004 2,011 (SSA)
2005 719 (SSA)
2009 498 (OSC – SSA Survey)
2010 1822 (OSC- SSA Survey)
2011-12 2023 (OSC- SSA Survey)
2013-14 2184(OSC- SSA Survey)
2014-15 1464(OSC- SSA Survey)
2015-16 1625(OSC- SSA Survey)
2016-17 1669(OSC- SSA Survey)
2017-18 1593(OSC- SSA Survey)

Awareness Programme

  • Special School children took part in cultural programmes during Government functions and Village Committee Meetings.
  • Awareness Programmes are conducted in the Villages with co-operation of NGO’s.
  • Posters are printed and pasted in all Panchayats and Government Offices for wide publicity.
  • Every year, 12th June has been celebrated as Anti-Child Labour Day. Special School Children and Teachers regular school children, and Teachers, Members of the Self Help Groups, NGOs and Government officials participate in the celebration. Rallies and Special cultural programmes are being conducted.
  • Apart from the awareness programmes conducted by NGOs, National Child Labour Project also participated in the meetings of regular schools and Colleges NSS programmes and also in Government Department functions.
  • Due to wide publicity and awareness programmes in the District, total numbers of child labourers have been reduced.
  • Programmes have been conducted among the College and School Students to make aware them in the issue of child labours.
  • Hoarding and Flex banners were displayed in important places in the city.
  • Radio and TV channel are also utilized to create awareness.
  • Cultural Teams are also played a role in awareness programmes.
  • To sensitize Government officials child labour issue has been taken and discussed in Line Department meetings.
  • Pamphlets and Bit notices have been distributed in village festivals and Government functions.
  • Joint raids have been conducted twice a month along with Social Welfare, Education, Labour and Factories Department officials.
  • Periodical competitions are being conducted among the regular school children.
  • Sensitization Programmes are being conducted to Government officials, Police officials and regular school teachers in association with child line at periodical intervals.


Special School children have been given Rs.400/- per month as stipend to motivate them towards education.

Mid-Day Meals

Free Noon meals is being supplied to Special School Children. Regular School menu is being followed in Special Schools.

Supply of Uniforms

Government of Tamilnadu sanctioned free supply of uniform from 2004 to till date.

Supply of Free Bus Passes

State Government issued orders to issue Free Bus Passes to enable the children from neighbouring villages to attend the Special school. Transport Corporation has issued the passes to all eligible cases.

Supply of Text Books

Free textbooks have been supplied to Special School children through Education Department.

Training to the Special School Teachers

In the special schools preference was given to local community and minimum qualification for teacher is fixed as higher secondary level. Training to special school teachers are being given by the project society. Services of Resource persons from DIET and SSA were utilized. In the training programme various aspects like joyful learning, preparing teaching aids, play way methods, awareness songs and conducting Cultural Programmes are being given. Life skill Training, Science, Maths and English Trainings were given to Special School Teachers by office of Commissioner of Labour, Chennai and Kit boxes for the same were issued to Special Schools by Unicef.

Vocational Occasion

For three Special Training centres one Vocational Trainer is appointed. Vocational Trainers were trained by experts in particular trade and same was given to adolescent girls. Basket making, stitching, Toys making, Fur doll, Jewel making, Simple Chemicals, Napkin preparation, Sarees Printing & Painting and Book binding were important Vocational Training given to adolescent girls along with life skill training. 5514 children have completed vocational training from the year 2000 onwards.

Medical Check-up

All the children enrolled in the special schools under went medical check up by the nearby Primary Health Centre Medical Officers. The Medical Officers have been asked to visit the schools once in two months. Individual medical cards are being maintained in the Special schools for children. Referral cases were taken to the District Head Quarters Hospital for further treatment. Special Medical Camps are arranged for Special School children twice in a year. All specialists took part in the Special Medical Camps. Referral cases are taken to Headquarters Hospital and Special care is being taken to these children. Free Spectacles were given to the children those who are found defects in eye sight.

School Inspection

All the Special Schools are inspected once in a month by the Project Director and monthly twice by the Field Officers and Weekly twice by the Field Assistants. Block Development Officers, SSA Staff and officials from ICDS, Labour and Medical officers are inspecting schools at regular intervals.

Review Meeting

District Collector and Chairman have been conducted Review Meeting regarding functioning of Special Training Centres. Once in three months, officials from Education, Labour, Factories, Social Welfare, ICDS, Women Development, Public Relations, Panchayat Development, Corporation and NGOs who are running Special Schools are participated. During the Review meetings, Convergence of service, mainstreaming, identification and Joint raids are also reviewed.

Extra Curricular Activities

Apart from the formal education, to have social consciousness and general knowledge, daily Newspapers are supplied to special school. Special School children are taken to nearest Places of interest like Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Rameshwaram etc as Educational excursion. For creating the science knowledge to these children, they are visiting Science Centre in Tirunelveli District periodically.